About Autumnary


*awkward silence*

I’m Mary (@autumnary on ig).

I’m a hybrid. I’m half English and Egyptian with bits of Welsh and Turkish too. I’m a Neuroscience PhD student and a young adult illustrator.

In terms of science, I guess it’s safe to say that I like studying the brain and its little compartments. In particular, the cells that make up the brain. And even more particular, how those cells work together to create a complex, thoughtful, dynamic being with consciousness. Simply put: I like getting to know you. On a whole new level of creepy.

And then there is art. And growth. And development. And the way that geometry shapes the beauty of nature and vice versa. It is all very special to me and I make sure the need to embrace it on a regular basis is always fulfilled.

And so is mental health.

I have the irrational fear that someday the magic in what I love will leave unexpectedly… and so I try to capture as much of the magic that I have now into little metaphorical jars. I am grateful for all who I know and all that I am yet to meet. I pray that you too are loved unconditionally and have someone to share your inner thoughts with.




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